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We offer end-to-end player management and diverse layers of performance support for all levels.  We develop bespoke, value-added projects and collaborations with football clubs and institutions.

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Athlete Services

Mental & Mindset Coaching

Our partner sports psychologists and performance specialist practitioners can support players in maximising every aspect of their game and through every season of their career.

Nutrition for Health & Performance

We work with various team members across the training analysis, physical therapy, nutrition, and psychology realms. We will help you develop the support team to ensure you excel in every aspect of your career.

Athlete Personal Branding & Marketing

To get ahead in professional sport, results are no longer enough. A strong, stand-out personal brand identity and a vibrant online presence is key. Our expert team can create, develop, and support you in the monetisation of your personal athlete brand.


Our financial managers and planners are here to help you ensure that you enjoy your hard-earned income beyond your playing career.


We don’t simply rely on one legal expert, but rather we work with a worldwide network of the best lawyers in sport to ensure all contracts and agreements are arranged with your best interests in mind.

Media Training

We organise customized media training for athletes to ensure they are comfortable, calm and in-control of the message they wish to convey in the media, on-camera, or during any kind of interview.

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Clubs, Organisations & Consultancy


We engage a global team of ‘on the ground’ scouts who identify the talents of today and closely monitor and continuously follow the developing athletes of tomorrow. We work with clubs, coaches and players to identify the most beneficial opportunities for all.

Player Placement

We work closely with clubs to create their shadow teams and their plans A, B, and C. We provide clubs with a bespoke service to ensure they have access to players whose profiles best match their club, philosophy, style of play, financial capacity and cultural fit.


We provide a range of both general and specific advisory services to players, clubs and organisations with respect to performance, growth, finance, monetization, marketing and branding.

Project Development

Asmantra is always looking for new, disruptive and exciting projects across the sports, media and entertainment, digital business, and events space. We collaborate, partner in joint ventures, and consult for an array of projects. Have you got something exciting to bring into the sports industry? We want to hear from you!

Charitable Activitations

Stephanie Molina y Vedia is the first female agent to commit her 1% to Common Goal, a global movement which uses the context of football to effect powerful, social changes in the world through diverse projects ratified by the United Nations.

Marketing & Branding

Our marketing and branding experts are specialised in developing, positioning, growing, and maximising brands in the sports industry. We can support the evolution, refinement and / or creation of a brand that makes an impact in your target market.

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